Int. J.M. Spergercompetition 2018

Competiton venue: Ludwigslust in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Artistic director: Prof. Christine Hoock 
Composer of obligatory work: Emil Tabakov - Bulgarien
Patrons: Thomas Hengelbrock, Birgit Hesse

Prize winners:
1. Prize: Andreas Ehelebe - Germany
2. Prize: Alexander Weiskopf - Germany 
3. Prize: Yomoon Youn - South Korea 
4. Prize: Igor Sajatovic - Croatia

Incentive Award for the support of a young candidate: Junbin Hwang - South Korea

Stefan Johann Krattenmacher Award: Igor Sajatovic - Croatia

D´Addario Award: Andreas Ehelebe - Germany

Special prize for the best interpretation of the commissioned work Caprice by Emil Tabakov: Igor Sajatovic - Croatia

Special prize for the best interpretation of a virtuose work: Andreas Ehelebe - Germany

Sperger Special Award for the best interpretation of the works of J.M. Sperger: Andreas Ehelebe - Germany

Audience prize of the city Ludwigslust: Yomoon Youn - South Korea

Jury Members:
Jeff Bradetich - USA
Dorin Marc - Romania / Germany
Christine Hoock - Germany / Austria
Hiroshi Ikematsu - Japan
Dan Styffe - Sweden / Norway
Emil Tabakov - Bulgaria
Gunars Upatnieks - Latvia / Germany
Christiane Hutcap - Germany

Prize winners 2018

Jury 2018

Prize winners 2018

Candidates 2018

„Internationale J.M. Sperger Society e. V.“
Statement Description: Donation + Name + Address
Bank Institute: Kreissparkasse Stade
IBAN: DE95241511160000240440

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